Truth Matters.

The 2 Truths of
Consumer Research

Truth #1: Is the respondent who you think they are?

Responses from bots or people who aren’t your target demographic are not only worthless, they can cost your business millions if important decisions are based on them. If you don’t know exactly who your respondents are, you’re gambling with your business’ future.

Truth #2: Are they answering candidly?

If respondents are not treated and compensated fairly, you cannot expect truthful responses. At other companies, they are often treated poorly with deceptive games or sleight of hand pay structures and therefore are not incentivized properly to provide truthful responses.

How do we know who they are?

Verify, Verify, Verify!

Nobody verifies like we do.

  • Drivers license scanning
  • PayPal email address verification
  • Apple and Google unique device ID tracking which is hard-wired into the mobile device at manufacturing time
  • 3rd party Imperium identity verification
  • 3rd party Telesign Service for phone number verification
  • Verification for home address at registration time
  • Single member validation per device
  • Demographic cross check (ie registered voter under 21)
  • MaxMind IP Verification at registration time
bot free icon

1Q is the only Certified* Bot Free
marketing research company in the world.

*Certified by trusted industry cyber security firm Avertium

How do we know they are telling the Truth?

pay instantly icon

We compensate quickly and fairly.

1Q is the only company that pays respondents instantly, per response, in cash, and the only company that pays respondents a fair amount: up to $.25 per response. That transparency and immediacy creates loyalty and candid responses.

no professional survery takers icon

We have no professional survey takers.

With 1Q there is never a published list of surveys to be chosen from, and respondents never know when they are getting a question. So there is no incentive for a professional survey taker or bot writer to answer our questions. We simply don’t have them, period!

Nobody makes sure the data is as truthful

  • Random validity tests for users which inserts known answers to validate the users are reading the questions
  • Automatic tracking of members based on response time, response length and other behavior analysis algorithms proprietary to 1Q
  • Adequate volume tests for audio or video questions
  • Image response verification
  • Automated phrase and word response verification
  • No tolerance member deletion policy
  • Invalid replacement response

There’s either TRUTH or there isn’t. We are in the Truth business and that’s what we provide to our customers.