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1Q is a mobile research platform that arms brands with candid consumer feedback and real-time insights for just $1 per response

No bots. No contracts. No minimums. No kidding.

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What Makes 1Q Different

Use Cases for 1Q

Creative ConceptProduct Use Cases

Copy Testing


Claims and Message Testing 

Ad Effectiveness

Market FitProduct Use Cases

Package Testing

Perception Testing


Claims Validation

UX Testing

Brand Perception Branding Use Cases


Logo Testing

Design Exploration

A/B Testing

Shopper InsightsIn-Store Shopper

Aisle and Shelf Placement

Competitor and Brand Perceptions before Point of Purchase

Competitor and Brand Perceptions during Point of Purchase

Competitor and Brand Perceptions after Point of Purchase

Custom PanelsCustom Solutions

Focus Group Recruiting

Recontact Respondents



Alex Harik (Zesty Z's)

Co-Founder & CEO

"1Q gave us the data to make bold business decisions. We're an emerging brand with a small budget, and this powerful tool is user friendly. What's better than walking into a sales meeting with clean data that validates? Nothing! The future will be more flavorful thanks to 1Q."

rakesh patel allstate

Senior Manager at Fortune 100 company

Market Research Insights & Intelligence

"1Q has been an invaluable tool in getting us answers to product development questions and we would recommend it to any company looking for quick, reliable results that can be confidently shared with anyone."

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Brian Nick (Coca-Cola Bottling)

Vice President of Communications

"We love the 1Q platform for testing ads. The ability to get real-time feedback about our messages from consumers is invaluable. Really great tool!"

Instant Consumer Feedback & Insights

No Contracts

• No Minimum
• Cost is $1 per response
• No Limitations

Instant Payment for your Opinions

Up to $0.25 per Answer

• Instant Cash to your Paypal
• Ability to Donate to a Charity
• Name & Contact is Never Shared

Now THAT’S Radical Transparency!

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