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True DIY Platform

1Q is a true DIY platform that allows you to get quick results that you can trust without the hassle. Do-it-yourself has never been easier!

1Q Is For Everyone

It doesn’t matter who you are or how big your company is. With 1Q, quick, quality feedback is at your fingertips. Anyone can make an account and start asking the questions that matter to their business today!   

Simple, Yet Effective

Our DIY research platform is simple, quick, and reliable. It is easy to use and provides immediate results, so you never have to wait around for the responses you need to improve your business! 

Why 1Q Is Above The Rest

Unlike many other platforms, 1Q has no setup, no marketing consultant, and no rigid start-up processes. You can create your research campaigns when you want and how you want to get quick, trusted results that matter.

Easy, Effective, & Efficient

ZestyZ came to 1Q on their own and was able to set up and run their surveys easily and independently. 

Incredible Numbers

Panel Members

Our unique member panel is nationally representative and growing daily.

Points of Interest

Storefronts available for specific shopping targeting


To Complete a Survey

Number of minutes, on average, to receive results.

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$1 per response.

No contracts. No minimums. No kidding.

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