Data that talks back.

Recontact prior survey respondents or customize your own panel for longer-term interactions.


Target respondents based on where they’ve been, where they are now, or where they’ll be in the future.

Real people.
Real insights.
Real time.

Get instant feedback from your target consumers.

What You Can Do With 1Q

From location-based marketing to creative testing to political polling, the possibilities are endless.

Brand and Creative Insights

Track your brand’s reputation over time, gain new insight into your target audience, or test an advertising campaign.


Test a new product concept or understand how consumers view an existing product.

Gauge public sentiment on national and political issues for research and editorial content.


Identify and invite participants qualified to participate in virtual or local focus groups, medical research studies, and more.

Confirm where products are placed on the display or invite participants to allow tracking of exactly where they go in the store.


Marketing Engagement

Catch your consumers at the right time and place with location-based marketing and share coupons and other promotional offers with your target audience.

Setup product trials through the app, send the products to targeted users, and gather feedback after usage.


“Askvert” is a proprietary term (and registered trademark) used by 1Q to describe a question, survey or other elicitation through the 1Q platform.

...and many more, including:

Consumer Behavior/Attitudes

Category Insights

New Product Concepts

TV/Radio/Print Advertising

Promotional Concepts

Packaging Validation

Strategy Development

Brand Tracking

In Store Research

Competitive Assessment

Ongoing Feedback

Political Polling

Live Event Feedback

Trend Watching

Marketing Research Platform

Vetting your MR Platform

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How 1Q Works


Brands send questions, multimedia content, or promotional offers to specific consumers based on their demographics, location, and other profiling information.


Consumers receive brands’ messages and respond in real-time--then get paid instantly.


Brands can view, analyze, and slice the data they receive right away to inform decisions.

Follow Up

When follow-up questions arise, they can instantly recontact the same participants.


Platform Features

Instant Responses

Don't wait to get answers—watch responses come in live. 1Q also offers instant analysis and real-time respondent profiles.

Bot-Free Platform

Certified by cyber-security firm Avertium. Double opt-in verification keeps bots and professional survey takers out of our platform and gives you peace of mind.


Guaranteed Watch and Respond Video

Concerned your question or content is not receiving the proper attention from competitors' platforms? 1Q eliminates the uncertainty with our unique guards against members rushing through.

Nationally Representative

Our algorithm balances the responses to your question to reflect a near-exact representation of the national census (age, gender, race, religion).

Real-Time Analytics

Results are sliced by specific polling data, and available to view and download as soon as responses begin to populate.


One-Click PowerPoint

Create PowerPoint decks with your data at the click of a button.


Direct Data Access

Download data to preferred analytics tools. Your study outcomes are immediately ready for visualization and reports.


Follow-Up Anytime

Contact the same panel members (or a subset of these members) today, tomorrow, or in six months. Perfect for project iteration and ongoing learning.

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