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Certified Bot-Free

Real results from real audiences thanks to certified Bot-Free surveys. 

Certified Bot-Free

Double opt-in verification ensures that your feedback is never from bots or professional survey takers. Get peace of mind knowing your responses are always from verified individuals that you can trust. 

Trusted, Real Feedback in Minutes

Other platforms can take days, even weeks to get results, only for those results to be from bots and professional survey takers. With 1Q, you get quick and honest results from real people within minutes.

Why 1Q is Above the Rest

1Q is the only insights company that is certified Bot-Free by Cybersecurity Firm Avertium. We will always go the extra mile to ensure that you get honest, impactful results from the audiences you most want to hear from. 


Real Surveyors

Rest easy with a Bot-Free platform that keeps both bots and professional surveyors out.  

Avertium Recognizes 1Q's Bot Defense

Cybersecurity firm Avertium confirms 1Q offers best practices for bot defense in market research industry 

Incredible Numbers

Candid Responses

Our panelists have provided over 13.4 million real time responses to date

Panel Members

Our unique member panel is nationally representative and growing daily.


To Receive Results

Number of minutes, on average, to complete a survey.

Blog Post: How The Golden Rule Applies to Consumer Experience in Market Research

At 1Q we talk a lot about the Golden Rule- but did you know the Golden Rule has a big meaning within the market research industry?

$1 per response.

No contracts. No minimums. No kidding.

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