Allstate Case Study


How Allstate exclusively used 1Q for crucial Concept Testing

Since 2019, Allstate has run dozens of new product concepts through 1Q for quick-turn research.

1Q empowers Allstate to give concepts a quick “thumbs up” for further development or a “thumbs down” for deprioritization or cancellation.


The challenge

Succeed where internal market research teams previously failed

Allstate wanted to expand insurance offerings to cell phones. They trusted 1Q to deliver when others had fallen short.

The solution

Allstate used 1Q to evaluate 20 concepts that were developed by a large cross-functional team

Allstate screened over 1,000 smartphone owners and asked them about their likelihood to purchase cell phone insurance.



The results

Led to the inception of Allstate’s Phone Protection Plus

The insights from the 1Q's Concept Testing surveys allowed the Allstate marketing team to provide Allstate leadership very statistically valid results that could be relied upon to predict the potential success of our cell phone offer.


"1Q has been an invaluable tool in getting us answers to product
development questions and we would recommend it to any company
looking for quick, reliable results that can be confidently shared with anyone.

rakesh patel allstate


Senior Manager, Market Research Insights & Intelligence

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