Cybersecurity Firm Avertium Confirms 1Q Offers Best Practices for Bot Defense in Market Research Industry

Wednesday, January 27, 2020

Atlanta, GA

Today 1Q, a leading market research and customer engagement platform, shared a letter of attestation from noted cybersecurity firm Avertium that their platform utilizes industry best-practices to keep bots from infiltrating their market research tools. “If you’re using a platform with weak bot defense, you’re making crucial decisions with flawed data,” said Keith Rinzler, CEO and Founder of 1Q. “That’s why we’ve invested so much time and energy at 1Q in going after bots. They’re the dirty little secret of the market research industry, and we’re proud to own best-in-class practices to chase them off our platform.”

According to Avertium, “1Q was able to effectively exhibit security controls that provide the best available protection against Bot compromise. These controls are fully implemented through policy, procedure, and operational practice.” The letter went onto state that “1Q reflects industry best practices for Bot defense indicating they are providing all available security, resilience, and defense against all currently known Bot types.”

“We’re gratified that our development team’s efforts to make our platform bot-free and eliminate any others who would harm response quality has been validated by independent experts,” Ryan Cino, Chief Technology Officer of 1Q. “In recent years, bots have become an increasing challenge for any digital market research provider, and effectively eliminating them from our product is a significant achievement.”

Avertium was contracted by 1Q to assess their platform’s security and resilience to bot compromise. Bots are any software program designed to execute a certain task autonomously, and typically, repetitively. For 1Q and companies in the market research industry, bots that fill and respond to surveys — loading client results with erroneous responses — has been a challenge for many digital market research providers. This type of vulnerability regularly compromises, skews, and  otherwise impacts the integrity of survey data for clients of other platforms across the industry. With their research, Avertium assessed 1Q’s application design, configuration against security standards, and bot defense practices.

About 1Q

1Q is a revolutionary customer engagement platform that is changing the way companies interact with consumers. 1Q allows companies to engage with an audience in real-time based on who they are or where they are by sending questions, surveys, polls, or promotional offers to their mobile phones. 1Q is the only company operating in the analytics and insights marketplace that pays consumers instantly per response. It’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, market research organizations, advertising and marketing agencies, and management consulting firms. 1Q is a permission-based platform that never spams consumers, and protects clients’ data quality through aggressive vetting of the survey-taking population. 1Q’s innovative model fully protects against the industry epidemic of bots and “professional survey takers,” ensuring neither are contaminating data. In July 2020, 1Q was ranked the 21st most innovative company in market research – including 9th in the “Qualitative” innovation category and 10th in the “Data/Analytics” innovation category – by the influential Greenbook “GRIT Report Top 50.”

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