4 Ways Geo-Targeting Technology Delivers Shopper Insights that WOW Buyers

Every day at 1Q, a shopper insights professional logs onto the system in search of ways to distill complex findings into soundbites busy buyers can quickly grasp. In the quest for better sales and store display compliance, supporting data needs to be relevant and actionable. The job every day is to provide data-driven reasons to be chosen above the competitor for end caps, new purchase orders, more prominent shelf placement, promotional consideration and more.

Shopper insights professionals and the buyers they serve are equally pressed for time. Researchers turn to the 1Q DIY platform as a no-hassle, two-way mobile engagement tool. There are few survey tools more powerful for shopping insights than our patented geo-targeting feature. At 1Q, we believe in the power of questions – when asked to the right person who is paid fairly for their time answering. But asking that right person at the right time and in fact, in the right place is markedly more powerful.

Our geo-location fences can qualify respondents from our more than one million permission-based members based on multiple geographic indicators:

  • Where they live
  • Where they’ve been
  • Where they may revisit
  • Where they are now

In your quest to take your next meeting up a notch, here are 4 ways you can use our patented system to “WOW” the buyer:

Get RealGet Real 

Buyers make decisions on data and the most accessible data is sales. In the fast-paced world of a buyer, sales data can often directly inform their next purchase. But what happens when the slump in sales was a direct result of incorrect product placement? It’s impossible for buyers, sellers or retail employees to verify placement agreements.

With the 1Q system, even just a few very specific respondents in the right place can easily be deputized as compliance officers. Through our easily accessed DIY platform, shoppers heading into a particular retailer, down to a particular location, can be asked to visit sections of the store to take photos of displays or be offered a mission to find a particular product and photograph its actual location both in the store and on the shelf.

The 1Q platform essentially gives access to a million potential field reps across the country checking to see if your products are in the stores, on the shelves and displayed properly. When shoppers find things that are not in compliance, companies are able to use this information to leverage retailers to improve the experience for the shopper, the brand and the store.

Get PersonalGet Personal

A wider net can be cast for photo uploads to understand what in a shopping experience is catching a consumer’s eye. They can be asked what of their photo truly stood out on the shelf. They can be probed about product packaging and provide open-ended answers giving deep insights that can be significant even with just a single or small respondent pool.

Having access to 1Q’s one million shoppers to take photos, perform tasks and answer questions in real-time in stores of their choosing, helps brands, buyers and retailers with customer research to understand the shopper experience – bring them closer to the why of their shopping habits and purchases.

Allowing for photo uploads removes self-reporting errors which can easily skew data collected by other methods. It is commonly understood that customers often erroneously report the brand, style, flavor or size of their purchases. Human recall is not as accurate as sending a photo of cart inventory. Shoppers may think they purchased a name brand as they were more attracted to that packaging, but they may not remember that, in the end, they settled on a value brand.

Get SalesGet Sales

Using Askverts®, a patented component of our platform, brands can metaphorically tap customers on the shoulder and present coupons, offers, ads and more based directly on their current location. This can be an incredibly helpful tool when launching a product and needing to hit sales quotas early.

Quizzing shoppers in the moment of purchase can also be an effective tool for reviewing ad effectiveness. Respondents can be served with ads at any time and asked about brand recall, emotional experience and more while coupling those insights with actual purchase behaviors.

Get SpaceGet Space

1Q’s real-time data collection allows companies to make important decisions about product placement, displays and packaging. With geo-tracking, companies can ask about previous experiences. Using the same Askverts® feature, shoppers can be asked if they would be willing to make a purchase while at the store of a particular product and be willing to provide later feedback after trying it.

This efficient use of shopper’s time in-store and outside, provides more data based on taste, quality, value, packaging and more. Consumers can be surveyed on the likelihood of them trying the brand and many other follow up questions that are specific to a verified purchase. The direct contact with the consumer also allows the system to provide a direct coupon for free purchase to complete the study, or allows shoppers to take a photo of their receipt and send it back.

Knowing the consumers’ current location can also be layered with past locations. If it is known they visited a competitor recently, or purchased Product X in Store Z yesterday, companies can ask them how they found what they were looking for, what products they bought, what other products they considered and more. Capturing information like this provides an ongoing stream of information, learning, and insights that can be used to win more space based on verified shopper experience.

With 1Q, every size of company now has access to immediate and insightful data that helps them quickly make key decisions about their marketing, advertising and research plans with a unique way of interactive brand of online surveys. Whether you are managing your category/brand/product, checking store compliance, learning more about how customers shop, or asking questions, 1Q’s Radical Simplicity® and Radical Transparency® market research technology is the most innovative way to generate real-world, real-time insights.

The real-time results provide the flexibility to quickly adapt to market trends and demands while engaging with consumers in the most innovative way today. Unlike traditional methods, responses from key demographics are received and processed instantly.

Also unlike traditional methods, the 1Q platform is built with the consumer in mind. We understand they are the lifeblood of quality data. Because of this, we respect their time and pay them instantly for every question and every task directly to their PayPal accounts. They also love how 1Q’s data privacy and security allows them to remain anonymous and yet receive follow-up contact should the company find their participation relevant in the future.

For shopper insights professionals tasked with selling more products and earning opportunities for line expansion, 1Q’s patented geo-targeting technology is a game-changer. Even when a sale cannot be made, rapport must be earned for a later sale. Delivering highly relevant and timely insights provides a serious competitive edge. Next time you schedule that important meeting with a buyer, come armed with relevant and timely data sourced easily from the 1Q platform.

Are you ready to join the revolution?