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Real-time responses that are fast, accurate, and high-quality - every time.

How 1Q Works

1Q members receive an AskVert survey on their mobile devices in real-time via app or SMS. Get instantaneous, powerful results at the touch of a button.

Quality Feedback in Minutes

Most market research takes hours, days, or even weeks while 1Q surveys complete in minutes. Quick and honest results make a true impact on your business decisions.

Interactive Results Dashboard

Watch in real-time as feedback comes pouring in from your targeted surveys. Drill deep and analyze insights to drive smarter decisions. 

Candid Feedback

Candid Feedback

Our pay-per-response model produces industry leading results in only minutes. Our panelists are honest and eager to provide the highest quality feedback.

Allstate Case Study

Our geo-fencing capabilities allow you to go as far-reaching or precise as you want. Survey the entire country, down to a state, city, zip code, county, or even specific address for maximum targeting!

Incredible Numbers

Candid Responses

Our panelists have provided over 13.4 million real time responses to date

Panel Members

Our unique member panel is nationally representative and growing daily.


To Receive Results

Number of minutes, on average, to complete a survey.

Blog Post: What is Real Time Customer Feedback?

Real-time consumer feedback is considered to be more authentic, honest, unfiltered and truly representative of a respondents genuine opinion. Candid feedback enables companies to quickly make better informed business decisions.

$1 per response.

No contracts. No minimums. No kidding.

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