Zesty Z Case Study


How Zesty Z entered highly competitive markets with almost guarenteed success

Using 1Q's Geo-targeting technology, Zesty Z entered multiple highly competitive markets with extreme confidence.


The challenge

Increase brand awareness for a cash strapped startup

Zesty Z, a new snack company with limited distribution, tight resources, and start-up staffing, desired to expand their business. They sought a cost-effective research partner to find to convince the store buyers of the brand’s appeal among its consumers.

The solution

A multi-channel campaign utilizing Geo-Targeting

1Q worked with Zesty Z to test the level of purchase interest in 6 core markets (Boston, Chicago, California, NYC, Denver, DC) spending only $100 per market.

1Q’s geo-targeting tools presented a highly sophisticated tool at incredible value.


The results

+80% interest scores in targeted markets

Equipped with extremely high top-two purchase interest scores of +80%, their sales team was well-armed to convince buyers at major retailers of the local consumer interest in purchasing this product.

1Q was a key factor that prompted immediate sell-in to a variety of new stores in each market they expanded to.


"1Q gave us the data to make bold business decisions. We're an emerging brand with a small budget, and this powerful tool is user friendly.  What's better than walking into a sales meeting with clean data that validates? Nothing! The future will be more flavorful thanks to 1Q."



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