Pizza Case Study


A pizza company wanted candid, verified consumer feedback and the ability to recontact respondents. 1Q served results up fresh.


The challenge

A frozen pizza company was expanding its distribution and seeking feedback from customers to ensure that the cooking directions were clear and the taste of the pizza was well-liked before proceeding with the expansion.

The solution

Consumers were recruited to participate in a trial of a new frozen pizza and shown an ad for the product. Once qualified by favorability, they were asked to select flavors they would like to try. The selected products were then shipped to them. They cooked the pizzas and uploaded pictures to our app of the cooked pizza, including images of them enjoying a bite. Following this, we conducted another Askvert which revealed a highly positive response from participants towards the product.


The results

Client was able to quickly recruit pizza customers to test their product with photo validation, and then recontact those customers to determine the likelihood of customers to buy their product once it was available. Other valuable data learned included attributes the customer liked, price point of various sized pizzas, and even where they currently purchase pizza. This company now has the data to inform its future expansion and it will be utilized to determine distribution to several retailers. 

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