Reporter Survey: What’s the best way to celebrate the holidays?

When it comes to the holidays, it’s all about family and friends. No contest. When we asked participants in our 1Q community survey recently what they thought was the most important way to celebrate the season, 78 percent said it was to spend time with family or friends.

“Holidays are for a time of remembrance of what is important to you and cherishing what you have and what you have to give to others,” a 31-year-old Brookhaven woman said.ould teach more, the 200 respondents to the cellphone-based survey had plenty of suggestions. And their ideas seemed to cover about every position in the educational debate.

Others agreed. “It’s the time I can spend with family and friends and celebrate our relationship,” a 26-year-old Atlanta woman said.

And a 30-year-old Atlanta man thought warmly of the holiday season as the time for “going home to my mom’s house for old fashioneds and a warm fire.”

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