What Is Consumer Engagement And Why Is It Important?

Consumer Engagement

Do you ever feel like businesses know exactly what you want even before you do? Why do certain products or services seem so tailor-made to your tastes and lifestyle with no effort? The answer lies in consumer engagement marketing. Consumer engagement is a term used to describe the various strategies companies use to stay connected…

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How Product Survey Questions Can Boost Your Business

product survey questions

How Product Survey Questions Can Boost Your Business Imagine this: you’ve spent months fine-tuning what you believe to be the perfect product. It’s got all the bells and whistles you think your customers will love, and you’re absolutely confident that it will be a hit. But then, you launch your product to the world, and…

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Advantages of Online Surveys: Knowing Their Strengths and Weaknesses

pros and cons to online surveys

Are you thinking about launching an online survey or participating in survey-and-answer programs to earn a little extra cash? If so, it helps to start with a basic understanding of what surveys are and the advantages of online surveys. Online surveys were one of the first opportunities to flood what we now refer to as…

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Survey Research Strategies 101

survey research

So, you want to conduct survey research — but where to begin? Survey research is an excellent way to perform market analysis, get to know your customers better, measure interest in products and services, and more. For survey research to be effective, it is essential to know the purpose of survey research, different methods for…

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In-Store Market Research: Knowing Its Importance

In Store Market Research

Market research is one of the most important aspects of any business. If a business doesn’t know what its customers want, it can’t provide them with what they need. In-store market research is one way to gain this knowledge. Businesses can better understand what their customers want and need by talking to customers and observing…

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How to Analyze Survey Data: Where to Start

analyzing survey data

So, you’ve completed a market research survey — but what do you do with all of this data? Surveying respondents is only one part of the equation when performing market research. Once you have your questions answered, you must then quantify that information as data and look for the key categories, trends, and patterns within…

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The Importance of Consumer Behavior Research Surveys

consumer behavior research

Do you know what the most important part of your business is? It’s not your product, your service, or even your employees. It’s the consumer. Your customers are integral to your success. They are the core reason your company exists. And they’re also the ones who will ultimately determine its level of growth. That’s why…

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The Benefits of Geo-Targeting

geotargeting on 1Q on a laptop graphic

When you are working to build an audience for your brand or business, it is crucial to have the right technology and tools that help you target specific customers. The benefits of geo-targeting enable you to get in touch with customers in a set geographic area or radius, allowing you to send personalized messages, perform…

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How To Be A Successful Online Survey Taker

online survey taker

Answering survey questions from 1Q is a great way to share your opinion- and get paid for it! 1Q partners with the world’s leading businesses to bring relevant surveys to you. Brands like Delta, Proctor & Gamble, Amazon, Unilever, and more are looking for honest answers to important questions to help them better understand and…

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Location-Based Marketing 101: Definition, Advantages, & More

location-based marketing icon

Location-Based Marketing 101: Definition, Advantages, & More As the world becomes increasingly digital, taking advantage of marketing technology is key. Location data helps marketing teams to geo-target customers with great specificity. This is a method known as location-based marketing. Location-based marketing is a 21st-century cornerstone of the marketing industry. Using a variety of methods and…

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