Why Public Opinion Research Could Transform Your Business

public opinion research form

What is public opinion research and exactly how does it benefit companies in their development of corporate strategy? How do some businesses start what seems like more of a “movement” than a marketing campaign? This article will briefly review the importance of public opinion research, how it can be used to inform marketing and advertising…

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Coronavirus USA Survey Results – 7/09/20

Although we ran a national survey for the two tracker questions, we zeroed in on California, Texas, and Florida, the three largest population states in the US and those that are driving the most news coverage of America’s coronavirus challenges. 

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Coronavirus USA Survey Results – 6/22/20

This week’snational survey found an overwhelming number (84%) of Americans believe mask wearing is important to combat the pandemic, but behavior lags with only two-thirds (67%) reporting they “Always” or “Often” wear masks. There was also a massive spike – +16% – from our survey two weeks ago in the number of Americans reporting that…

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