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Why You’re Losing Market Share When Your Brand Health Metrics Look Great

When brand health scores are negative and profits are falling, brands know they must take immediate action….

3 Tips for Getting Great Research Noticed

There’s nothing more frustrating than uncovering a perfect insight in your consumer research, passing it on to…

Coronavirus USA Survey Results – 7/09/20

Although we ran a national survey for the two tracker questions, we zeroed in on California, Texas,…

Survey Finds Most Floridians Think It’s Important to Wear Masks in Restaurants

For its new survey, 1Q, a digital research firm, tracked responses from 500 people in Florida. According…

Texans Wear Masks At Lower Rates Than Elsewhere

According to new national and state surveys taken on Monday and published by leading market research platform…

Consumers Largely In Favor of Masks, Survey Finds

A recent state and national poll revealed that consumers are overwhelmingly in favor of wearing masks in…

Poll Shows Texans Lax on Masks

Market research company 1Q surveyed people in the four biggest states, California, New York, Texas and Florida….

Coronavirus USA Survey Results – 6/22/20

This week’snational survey found an overwhelming number (84%) of Americans believe mask wearing is important to combat…

How The Golden Rule Applies to Consumer Experience in Market Research

At 1Q we talk a lot about the Golden Rule. It’s not a rule for marketing research….

Coronavirus USA Survey Results – 6/8/20

Restaurants With Closed Dining Rooms Win Clearance for Outdoor Seating

The market research service firm 1Q found in its survey that 48% of respondents cited outdoor seating…

Customer Concerns as Restaurants Reopen

1Q, a market research platform, and QSR crafted a series of questions to examine consumer sentiment as…

Coronavirus USA Survey Results – 5/26/20

COVID-19 Survey Finds Most Georgians Think It’ll Get Worse

1Q, an Atlanta-based market research startup, has released results of a new survey of 750 Georgians. According…

David Ralston Wants a Hate Crimes Bill ‘With No Delay and No Amendments’

The 1Q marketing research platform is out with its latest survey on Georgia’s pandemic response, and here…

Coronavirus USA Survey Results – 5/11/20

Coronavirus Georgia Survey Results – 5/11/20

Coronavirus and Rent Payment

A survey of 600 U.S. adults by market research platform 1Q found that 10% expect to skip…

Georgia Coronavirus Reopening

The market research firm 1Q has released the results of a survey of 600 Georgians conducted on…

Coronavirus USA Survey Results – 4/27/20

Coronavirus Georgia Survey Results – 4/27/20